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Spanish Conversational Enrichment Program

Spanish Conversational Enrichment Program for High School Students

to working in the United States and Internationally.

"Without a doubt, being bilingual increases employability," says career development consultant Graciela Kenig. Ms. Kenig adds that as Spanish has become our country's unofficial second language, corporate America has responded with diversity initiatives that seek to recruit, understand and attract a Hispanic/Latino workforce.

"In the meantime, citizens of the United States must expand our language skills and intercultural understanding in order to flourish in a global marketplace," remarks Tracy Scates, Business and Learning Consultant.

Students of high school age learn second language skills with greater ease and speed than older adult learners. Participating in an enrichment program helps students achieve more in their academic classes, expands their social network, and exposes them to Hispanic/Latino professionals and culture all of which ease the road to becoming bilingual.

Spanish in Marin is launching this enrichment program inresponse to parent requests. They want to assist their chidren to achieve this requirement for higher education. These classes are designed to operate in tandem with their current classroom curriculum. Classes are held with 4-6 students maximum and - "muy importante" - the approach is experiential, the students do the talking, something that is very difficult to accomplish in a large classroom setting, while professional teachers gently guide them along.

Spanish in Marin Teacher Dante HerreraAn introduction to one of our talented teachers:
"Hola", my name is Dante Herrera and I was born and raised in Peru, in a family of teachers. I got my MA in Spanish from UCD and have been enjoying teaching Spanish as a second language for 7 years now. To me, teaching a language is like teaching a song: we learn words, meanings, sounds, but also a melody and a spirit that is behind all these things. Spanish is beautiful and fun to learn (and to teach). "Bienvenidos" ("Welcome")

To enroll call Patricio -- Cell. (415) 806-8101